The Miami Symphony Orchestra and its Music Director and Conductor present
“Symphony in Green”, Sunday, February 28th, at 6:00 pm

Photo credit: Christina Sun

Miami, February 24th, 2021 – The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) is proud to announce the YouTube Premiere of the spectacular comeback concert “Symphony in Green.”

This concert took place last December at Plant the Future, the award-winning botanical design firm, art gallery, and plant boutique located on 8484 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL.

“Symphony in Green” is the result of the artistic collaboration between Eduardo Marturet, Mali Parkerson, and Paloma Teppa from Plant the Future. This unique blend of creative minds gave birth to a spectacle bathed by the lights of the moon and stars. The music carefully selected by Eduardo Marturet included works by Mascagni, Calle, Kravitz, Massenet, and Gardel. The show brought together fantastic artists such as pop singer and America’s Got Talent finalist May Kravitz, prodigy singer Angie Green, the extraordinary saxophonist Maestro Ed Calle, guitarist and composer Aureo Puerta Carreño, and the amazing Pop Cuban Superstar Lena Burke.

The gardens bordered by the Little River provided an idyllic backdrop. The plants warmed the audience and the quiet waters of the river welcomed the trumpet player to perform aboard a kayak.

The moonlight over the magnificent gardens mixed with the lovely pieces was paired with an exquisite wine provided by Penfolds. This combination ultimately produced an atmosphere of sparkling joined energies between the audience and nature.

The partnership between Miami Symphony and Plant the Future grew from the similarities in their commitments to nurturing the community by creating and providing art to everyone. Additionally, Plant the Future kindly offered to donate 15% of their sales in an effort to encourage the artistic programs of the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

“Symphony in Green,” a concert for the whole family, will premiere this Sunday, February 28th at 6:00 pm, through the Miami Symphony YouTube Channel:

Connect to the Miami Symphony YouTube Channel and enjoy this wonderful concert from now on, constantly available and free of charge!

Plant the Future (PTF) is an award-winning botanical design firm, art gallery, and plant boutique. PTF collaborates with artists, interior designers, architects, and developers across the world to bring people closer to nature.  Its mission is to help people reconnect with nature through art and design. PTF seeks to help everyone understand why biophilia exists by creating beautiful experiences inspired by mother nature.
Biophilia is an innate love for the natural world that impels us to connect with all living things in order to feel joy and peace. Biophilia is deeply rooted in our biology and felt universally by humankind.