One of the wonders of our brain is that it never ceases to amaze us.  We are impressed when we read that it produces substances that make us feel happy or that block pain, and we can easily understand this;  but when we find out that it is also capable of synthesizing minerals into crystals and that it uses them for multiple corporeal and extracorporeal purposes, it immediately sounds like a science fiction movie.  Well, science confirms that our brain is not only capable of synthesizing minerals, but also uses them to communicate and store information. 

This is the case of magnetite, one of the most electromagnetic minerals that exists on earth.  Also in our inner ears there are crystalline structures of calcium carbonate, which by the way if they fall from the cells that support it called otoliths, they cause us dizziness, dizziness that persists while they travel through the structures of the inner ear … But going back to magnetite, that mineral that abounds in our brain has fascinating functions.  When we study it in the brains of homing pigeons, we observe it in their neural structures distributed in a super orderly way and that allows these birds to know exactly where they are located at the time of their birth. 

That is the reason why they always return to the place where they are born even if we release them thousands and thousands of kilometers away and blindfolded.  In our brains it is more complex to have magnetite.  This mircocrystal apart from locating us spatially and not allowing us to fall out of bed when we sleep, can function as translators of electromagnetic energies and can generate mentally directed atoms, what the French called Psychos.  To make a complicated explanation simple, it is able to tune in with another magnetic from another brain and communicate, transfer information, resonate with the same frequency that is what we call telepathy, among others. It can also inform our neurons if they should raise or lower a certain substance  to make us feel good or not so much … that is, these crystals control the production of neurotransmitters and the most fascinating thing we will see is that they can encode thought, knowledge and transmit it. 

A group of scientists applied nanomagnetites to animals and managed to copy their minds, that is, what the brain perceives, stores and how it uses it.  Well … that is what comes for the human being too, but while that comes I explain a little of what I try to do with my music.  We know that everything in the universe is in constant vibration, everything vibrates.  The atoms vibrate, unite and form molecules, these cannot stop still and join others and if these are amino acids when the chains are longer they form proteins and if these proteins bump into an Adam or an Eve well you already know  what happens so as not to disturb Mr. Darwin.

Now, what does music have to do with all this?  Much, it has a lot to do with it.  Sound is an electromagnetic wave that can order or disorder all those atoms that have become molecules and at the same time proteins and you or me.  The electromagnetic waves that sound produces (audible or not) can resonate with the brain magnetic and calcium carbonate crystals found in the ears, producing emotional states, evoking memories or locating us in another space by altering our consciousness. 

By the way, I have not talked about Calcium Carbonate Crystals, they allow us to know where a sound comes from.  If an object falls we can determine where it went by the sound it produces or if a sound hits our occiput bones (part of the back of the head) the calcium crystals will be thrown forward and the brain will know that the sound is coming.  behind.  A curiosity is that these crystals allow us to know our exact age.  Just as we can determine how old a tree is by counting the number of rings that its trunk has, so we could count the number of rings that our calcium carbonate crystals have in the otoliths. 

Then in our body there are more crystal systems, for example in our brain there is another fascinating substance that forms light crystals, DMT that is responsible for reorganizing the neural connections in the brain, the neural tissue that exists in our heart (yes, that  that we called heart muscle is 65% neuronal tissue) and also in the neuronal tissue of our intestines … (well that statement needs more research to prove it but there is little left to conclude that it is) The electromagnetic frequencies of these musical proposals try to move  all these crystalline anatomical structures that we have talked about and produce states within us that make us feel better, both physically and emotionally, for this reason three pieces were chosen: Joy, Peace and Psychons.


When I meditate in remote places of the cities I can come to feel who is thinking as “out loud” individually; that is, I can perceive how the thoughts of a certain person break the tranquility of meditation. Imagine what happens in any city, where we all have thoughts of competition, or inflated egos, depressions or joys, emotions evoked by successes or failures. All this emotional maremagnum produces a large amount of energy that translates into mental pollution, that is, it pollutes the environment just like the combustion of a plastic or the use of a fluoride spray would.

The electromagnetic frequencies in this piece (audible and inaudible) are arranged in such a way that they try to block the atoms that produce negative, external and internal thoughts. These atoms the French called Psicones because they showed that they are atoms that can be directed mentally. The piece tries to dissipate the pistons that accumulate in our spaces, it is like generating a breeze that moves air pollution, like opening the windows in a house so that any smell comes out. The electromagnetic waves of the piece also accelerate the nano magnetite particles in our frontal lobes, which causes the Ego, the I itself, to lose strength and transform into a we. Increases the photoluminal energy of the DMT crystals found on the sella turcica, below the pituitary gland, which are related to feelings of unconditional love, kindness, and tranquility beyond peace.

Psychons in G Major is a piece that illuminates those dark paths through which, at some point, we must travel. It is a kind of environmental sterilizer that makes us return to what we are, without dressings. It is a piece that can be very interesting as a meditative tool precisely because it cleans the spaces of any psychic contamination, of any energy content. For example, when two people argue an energetic footprint is created from that discussion. If a person with a low vibrational frequency enters that space, he or she could resonate with that event and feel disgusted without an external stimulus that evoked that emotion.

Psychons cleanses that energy and prevents precisely that we resonate with those unconstructive frequencies. Sometimes the negative energy or the thoughts that evoke it come from ourselves, this piece also tries to eliminate that type of mental pollution by making us feel more comfortable with ourselves.


As in the physical body we have arteries, veins and an impressive amount of organelles, we also have subtle structures through which the energy flows that keep the body and mind in good working order. Alegria is a musical piece composed of waves of the electromagnetic spectrum whose function is to accelerate the energy that is located in our lymphatic system. This system is like a kind of highway for our white blood cells.

For example, if we prick a finger, a white blood cell found in our lung would have to travel entire kilometers of veins and arteries to reach the finger, to avoid this is the lymphatic system, through the lymph that white blood cells can travel in a nearly straight line from lung to finger in minutes. When 30 years ago I was talking about the transport of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, by white blood cells, some colleagues suggested that I take medication for delusions. Well, nowadays thanks to technological advances we know that not only do white blood cells transport serotonin but platelets can also do it.

To make the explanation simpler, if someone takes fluoxetine, which is the famous drug for depression called PROZAC, it inhibits the reuptake of serotonin in the brain and this neurotransmitter remains bioavailable in the brain, so the individual, in theory, you will feel better, with more vital energy, happy, you will perceive the world in a different way, etc, etc. Alegria tries to work the energy that flows through the lymph nodes, improving the transport of this neurotransmitter through the white blood cells and other cellular structures. Information is stored in the mitochondria (cellular organelles) about the joy that women in our families have had for their births.

The electromagnetic frequencies of Alegria allow us to interpret that ancestral feeling, returning in us that sensation of seeing the future with hope and joys, to say, it changes the negative perception of the future. It returns the value of our original clay to us by calling it in some way. The triads that we find in Alegria produce electromagnetic waves that resonate with the DMT crystals found in our intestines. This produces the release of transtemporal traumas, that is, it eliminates emotions that our viscera encrypt, store and alter their biology.

The function of these “archived emotions” is to give us the opportunity to compare our present experience with previous experience, so that we can make assertive decisions when we are confronted with a new situation, but what if the emotional pattern that we have is negative? Well obviously things could get complicated. The piece is conceived to reorganize the archives of visceral energy and accelerate its transport through the lymph, which translates into feelings of well-being, gratitude, joy. I hope that as you enjoy this piece, the happy memories increase your vital energy and hope will smile at you again.


The largest organ in the body is not the skin but the interstitial space. That is, the space between one cell and another, the gap. The electromagnetic waves from this musical composition resonate with the crystalline system found in that space. The interstitium behaves like a kind of mesh made up of liquid crystals, which is why I call it the crystalline mesh of the physical body.

The most important mineral in this energy mesh is potassium. It is precisely in these structures or spaces where information about our emotions, memories, not only what we have lived but the survival experiences that we have inherited from our parents is stored. When the continuity of this crystalline mesh is affected, what we could call an energy fracture is formed. There in that interruption of energy is the place where deep emotional wounds occur. Self-pity, the feeling of acceptance, the search for approval have to do with the functioning of this crystalline body.

This piece has the ability to reorganize the energy of the crystalline body and repair energy fractures in a way that align the mental, physical and emotional body. This energetic coherence between the mental, the physical and the emotional produces a feeling of peace, emotional shelter, a feeling of going back to the beginning, I call it the return to the hands of the Creator. This works because our structures of the crystal lattice resonate with the electromagnetic waves of the composition, that is, the positional memory that potassium has in the crystal lattice returns to its place of origin when impacted by the electromagnetic wave. Listening to this piece is like a kind of “formatting” or clean up of the body’s crystalline system.

The work also increases the resonance of the low frequencies that could be vibrating in our interstitial spaces. It does so by increasing the frequency of the crystalline mesh which in turn releases energies associated with resentments or emotional patterns that may be stored in them, patterns that disharmonize our bodies and our minds. Peace gives us back the Light that we are. It takes us to our original setting: Peace.





Please send us a message to: hopeandhealing@themiso.org

We will greatly appreciate your feedback on the experience of listening to our music, and then share the results with you.

Thank you!


About New Beginnings Concert, 2.021 March 27th:
I really loved to hear Dr. Bonora’s healing masterpieces, wonderfull sounds and unique concepts. 
I shared this three pieces with my mom, who has a macular degenerative disease in her eyes, and while she was hearing this sounds, her eyes started tearing and she feelt like something bad was whasing away from her body.
I’m so grateful.
My name is Susana Szabadics and I live in Budapest, Hungary.

Buenas tardes
Tuve la oportunidad de oír las composiciones Alegría, Peace y Psycons, quedé gratamente impresionado. Estaba un poco triste dado la sensible situación del mi país, Venezuela y con “Alegría” inmediatamente cambio mi humor, sentí como una inyección de energía entró por mi torrente sanguíneo y me conectó nuevamente con la alegria y esperanza en un futuro mejor. Solo con oír está composición. Y al repetirla, varias veces, siento que definitivamente mi humor y percepción cambian, para bien.

Específicamente con la composición o frecuencia “Psycons”, la oí mientras rezaba, y sentí literalmente que estaba en una lavadora centrifugando mi cabeza, y todo a mi alrededor se volvía 1 con mi oración. De hecho, la puse en el SoundCloud a repetir, cómo en un loop, y aún estoy erizado…. Y como dice la teoría, afecta principalmente los lóbulos frontales del cerebro, justamente allí sentí la mayor intensidad, fue como sentir que estabas en un estado de trance, dónde desaparecieron ruidos externos y que a su vez se re ordenaba estructuras sutiles en mi cerebro (creo que es la mejor forma de explicarme). La sensación fue tan intensa que, aún después de dejar de escucharla, siento como resuenan en mí, esas vibraciones y definitivamente, quiero que se repita….La sensación de bienestar es única.

Además, me parece fantástico que sean interpretadas por una Orquesta Sinfónica tocando ésta, música electrónica. La voy a recomendar y difundir a muchas personas ya que creo que, en definitiva, ayudará a muchas personas, con tan solo oír esas composiciones.

Les felicito y animo pues, a qué está iniciativa se repita.

Saludos y mis respetos por este concierto. .

José Gabriel Ramírez

Thanks so much for making this amazing music available. I can not think of anything more special with a strong effect this sounds have on me. I would very much like to get to know more about Dr. Bonora and his work.

Happy Easter!

Erik Temple
Miami, Florida

I was not able to come to this fabulous concert because unfortunately it was sold out. But having the chance to listen to Dr. Bonora’s music has made all the difference. What an amazing sound, it is truly sensational and his scientific explanation beyond anything we’ve heard before. Can’t wait to watch the concert at your YouTube channel. Congrats MISO you are really TAKING OVER MIAMI’s musical life.


Carlos Gomez

Quiero dar testimonio del increíble cambio que mi hijo de 13 años ha tenido desde que ha comenzado a escuchar las frecuencias del Dr Santiago Bonora.

Con las frecuencias de psicones Paz y alegria he notado que mi hijo ha tenido importantes cambios conductuales. Esta más sereno menos reactivo, ha soltado la adiccion a los aparatos electrónicos de forma voluntarios aunque no es total, pero ayer por primera vez noté que se interesó más por jugar con el
Perro, se acercó a mi y su hermano para hacernos cosquillas (cosa que es muy dificil) le ha bajado el volumen considerablemente a los videojuegos (cuando antes los escuchaba con un volumen muy alto) ayer acató órdenes mías sin reaccionar de forma agresiva más bien me impresionó que me abrazo y me
Dijo que me quería y me hizo caso.

En el Autismo de mi hijo lo más difícil ha sido su conducta agresiva, hiperactiva donde la
Comprensión y el manejo emocional ha sido uno de los temas más complejos de manejar. He notado un cambio increíble en su manejo de la ansiedad. También ayer por ejemplo espontáneamente lavo un plato lleno de hormigas, y lo llevo a la cocina. Como si en su cerebro hay un entendimiento nuevo OpenMoji 12.2
Dios bendiga al doctor Santiago y a la Miso por compartir tan grande descubrimiento. Los mantendré al tanto de su evolución y cambios 

Atentamente Elizabeth Colombo desde Caracas Venezuela Twitter (Twemoji 13.0)
Enviado desde mi iPhone

DIVINO AMOR by Santiago Bonora

Love excuses everything, believes everything, expects everything, supports everything.
1 Corinthians 13,4-7.

I have always thought that discovering music is in a certain way discovering oneself; and it is that, that “self” that lives within us is made up of vital sounds that resonate externally with melodies, rhythms, times, vibrations.

Exposing that authentic being, what we really are, without emotional or social make-up, that “oneself ”, without a doubt makes us vulnerable, that is, brave. Vulnerability, contrary to what many believe, is bravery. If we do not take the risk of exposing ourselves emotionally, we do not achieve belonging or joy. For example, how many of us haven’t felt embarrassed, scared or rejected after writing and sending some silly text message or made a declaration of love and been rejected. That has undoubtedly made us feel ashamed, af raid, rejected because we are vulnerable beings; however, by exposing our true self, and by risking being authentic, we have been able to be creative, change our lives, we have been able to achieve love, a sense of belonging and of course enjoy the joy that this produces.

To love is to be vulnerable, it is to risk giving our hearts and knowing that it will hurt in exchange for feeling joy. Some of us do not allow ourselves to feel joy, we are terrified of being joyful. Ironically, joy might be the most vulnerable feeling of all. That is, when everything is going well for us, we think that something could take that moment away from us.

DIVINO AMOR is a piece of music designed to resonate with our vital sounds, vibratory frequencies that

produce feelings of gratitude. It is a balm of gratitude for the soul. Gratitude allows us to expose ourselves emotionally more easily, it allows us to understand our own vulnerability, our courage. Gratitude restores our “selves”, brings us to our authentic selves. Gratitude makes us vulnerable enough that when difficult times come our lives we don’t have to ask ourselves: What if I had done better? What if I had been brave?

I would like to share with you these words of Saint Paul that remind us that to live in peace and joy we must first be vulnerable:

“Love is patient, it is helpful; love is not envious, it does not brag, it is not puffed up, it does not behave basely, it does not seek its own interest, it is not irritated, it does not take into account the wrong received, it does not rejoice at injustice, but rejoices with the truth.

Love excuses everything, believes everything, expects everything, supports everything.

I hope you enjoy this balm of gratitude for the soul.

Santiago Bonora


Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is a typical desert plant.  In some, 40 years easily pass without rain and yet the plant survives, persisting in the inclemency of its environment like a skeleton of plant origin.  They completely blend in with their surroundings; that is to say, they are arid, brown with golden streaks, very dry, brittle, they seem to be taken from a movie that narrates the kingdom of the underworld. 
 Now, if the water were to touch any of its parts, a miracle would happen that astonishes even the most hardened academic.  This biological miracle that occurs when the plant hydrates is capable of visually telling us a sacred story: the story of the resurrection.
 The Rose of Jericho can reopen its leaves and turn green again in order to frighten us from the idea we have of death.  It takes away our fear of the unknown because it tells us about a rebirth, it teaches us that the difficult moments in life pass and that it is possible to become greener, reborn. 
 The Rose of Jericho is a creature that sleeps for years until the sky gives it a little water and thus, in a few hours, it turns green again, as if each drop of water were a sacred spring that resurrects it, helps it to feed by synthesizing chlorophyll, to reproduce and once that water evaporates, it goes back to sleep until the Creator wants to wake it up again with his rain, over and over again, in a birth and death and rebirth again.  The famous mythological cycle of eternal rebirth shown in the biological cycle of a plant.
 We tell you all this because in order to carry out this musical work that you are going to listen to, we have connected several sensors to a Rose of Jericho that are capable of translating the different electrical and optical parameters that the plant produces in its awakening to life into musical notes. .  The sound was recorded over a month of recording and cut down to 3 minutes.  These 3 minutes of sounds were orchestrated and that is what we are going to enjoy.
 The recorded sound is magical, really fascinating because it shows us that the beauty of creation is in its simplicity.  Something very curious happened in the recording because naturally it is recorded binaurally, that is, in two slightly different frequencies that we will hear in each ear.  When the brain perceives these differences, it translates it into a single sound, personal and non-transferable.  So, we will all listen to this work, in a different way. 
This sound can reorganize our brain waves and emotions.  We hope that when you hear it, you will travel to the place of hope that gives you rebirth, restarting, awakening from sleep to the joy of life itself.