Many dreams came true when The Miami Symphony Orchestra created the Allapattah Children and Youth Symphony orchestra program which provides a musical playground modeled on EL SISTEMA ("the system") - an internationally recognized and proven method of musical education that gives far more than formal musical training.

Founder and director of El Sistema Jose Antonio Abreu
with Athina Klioumi and Eduardo Marturet

EL SISTEMA, featured on several occasions on CBS 60 Minutes, has produced extraordinary results, during the last 30 years in Latin America and other parts of the world particularly with kids in poor neighborhoods. Its creator the Venezuelan musician and educator, Jose Antonio Abreu, has proven to the world how the learning process of music in children not only enriches their spiritual and emotional experiences but also, accelerates their learning capacity in other subjects at school and develops and strengthens their ability to relate socially to the fast-paced and competitive world.

On an individual level, the learning process shows immediate results and improves skills. This is highly beneficial for the child's self esteem and develops a unique mental discipline from an early age.

On a group level, by interacting with other musicians, the orchestra serves as a reflection of society - a microcosm. Just as in sports, the child quickly learns that some major goals can only be achieved by working together and respecting teamwork. Harmonious relationships with peers, learning to respect hierarchy, and respecting and acknowledging the success of others, are some of the moral values learned at a very early when training in our youth orchestra program.

Gregory Carreño
Andrea Oliveira
Julio Cesar Lara

Andrea Oliveira, Academic Director
Susan Siman, International Academic Advisor from El Sistema

"Allapattah Children and Youth Symphony, Miami Symphony Orchestra EL SISTEMA Youth Orchestra program creates hope and self esteem for the children of the inner city. It makes me very proud to be part of an organization that is helping children of lesser economic means while helping foster the Maestros of the future." - Rafael Diaz-Balart, Chairman of the Board, Miami Symphony Orchestra